It’s like a trend now a day to study in USA. Some might be going for fulfilling their dreams, some for their parent’s dream. Not just because it is the most powerful nation in the world but The Statue of Liberty, White House, Disneyland are some of the places and things that fascinate people all over the world.

But Jeduka provides some important reasons for students why they should choose USA for their higher education.

Top Reasons to Study in USA


We know that most of the students do engineering in India either by their own wish or because of their friends or family. But in case after a year if you don’t like engineering and want to change your stream then you will lose a year. But in US you can change your field without the loss of a year. In the US you can go for a major i.e. your major is undecided. After 2 years of attending classes in different streams, you can select your major i.e. if you like engineering you can go for engineering as a major if you like psychology you can go for psychology as a major and if you like both then you can go for both.


There is versatility in education. They will not only give you training in your own field as well as in different fields well. As an example business undergrad should do some essential science lectures, engineering undergrad will do some essential business lectures. In this way, students will have knowledge in different areas including theirs.

Academic Excellence:

There are extraordinary programs for all intents and purposes in all fields. At the undergrad level, there are phenomenal projects in traditional as well as proficient fields and at the graduate level, understudies have the chance to work specifically with a portion of the finest personalities in their field of study. The US has the best universities in the world. An extensive variety of degrees and courses in every single scholarly field is available.

Some of the courses are as follows:

Field of Study

% of international students pursuing

% of Indian students pursuing




Business & Management



Maths & Computer Science



Social Sciences



Physical & Life Sciences



Fine & Applied Arts



Intensive English



Health & Allied Sciences



Communications/ Journalism









Legal studies/ Law






Campus Life Experience:

When you proceed with your higher education in the U.S. you are settling on a decision to widen your educational as well as your social experience, also. Regardless of whether you go to a little, private school in a residential community or a college arranged amidst a huge urban zone, most colleges offer an assortment of different clubs and associations to coordinate the wide exhibit of understudy interests.

There is a chance to inundate oneself in American culture by meeting new individuals and making new companions, through various associations and affiliations. Students participate in different clubs like a cultural club, sports club which makes their life activities.

Use of technology:

Technology assumes a significant part in research and development And American colleges have ensured they don't fall behind with regards to that of technology by acquainting new techniques and abilities. They make sure that each college is well equipped with all the machines, technologies and thus students can develop themselves.

So, these were some important reasons which can add up to your reasons for going to USA.

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