Student visa For New Zealand

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New Zealand is one of the most popular study destinations in the world, right now. Naturally, students from all corners of it wish to pursue higher education there. The most important information that one needs to go to another country is related to the visas that country offers to students. Here is all the study visa related information an international student would need, to go to study in New Zealand.

Student visa for New Zealand

Types of Student Visa in New Zealand

Fee-paying student visa New Zealand

If a student wants to study full time in New Zealand for more than three months, and is willing to pay the full cost of the course, this education visa is for him/her. The visa requirement is that e/she must enrol with an approved education provider of the country. Besides, he/she must have an offer of a place, of confirmation of enrolment in a course. It becomes obvious that anyone who goes to New Zealand on this visa must have enough money to pay his/her fees for the course or programme he/she wants to pursue. With this visa, a student can study full time in a course stated on the visa, and can also work part-time, up to twenty hours a week. In addition, during holidays, he/she can work for as much as twenty hours a week. With this visa, an international student can stay in New Zealand for a maximum of four years. He/she can apply for this visa any time during a year, and after the term of the visa ends, he/she can apply for another student visa, and even a work visa.

Exchange student visa New Zealand

This visa is for students who have a place in an approved student exchange scheme, and wants to pursue higher education in New Zealand for a duration of more than three months. Obviously, the student needs to show proof of acceptance in a student exchange programme, and must apply from another country. Students on this visa are allowed to stay in New Zealand for a maximum of four years. During their stay, they can work part-time, for twenty hours a week, and full time during the holidays. After the visa expires, a student can apply for a visitor visa and can stay for a maximum of another three months as a tourist.

The foreign government-supported student visa

This visa is for those international students who have a foreign government’s loan or scholarship, and wants to pursue higher studies full time in New Zealand. To get this visa, a student must provide proof that the government of his/her country will pay his/her tuition fees. He/she must have an offer of a place of residence in New Zealand, and must also provide proof that his/her loan from his/her government is enough to cover his/her living expenses in New Zealand. A student on this visa can stay in New Zealand for a maximum of four years. While pursuing his/her course, he/she can work part time, for twenty hours a week, and full time during his/her holidays. After the visa expires, a student can apply for another student visa, or even a work visa. An international student can apply for this visa any time of the year.

New Zealand Student Visa Checklist

The following documents are required to apply for a student visa for pursuing higher studies, apart from the New Zealand Student visa application form.

Proof of identity- a copy of the passport of the international students. Certified copies of birth certificate, national identity card, driver’s license, passport size photographs.

There is no Student Visa in New Zealand Age Limit. Evidence of intended study- All necessary documents related to the enrolment in a particular course or programme in a university in New Zealand.

Health insurance in New Zealand

A student must maintain his/her medical and travel insurance policies while in New Zealand, the documents of which must be obtained and produced, to apply for a visa.

How Much Funds Needed For New Zealand Student Visa

One must provide enough proof to show that he/she has enough funds to study and live in New Zealand. The required funds to show at the immigration for New Zealand Visa are:

  • NZD 1250 a month, for the courses shorter than 36 weeks
  • NZD 15000 a year, for the courses that run longer than 36 weeks

New Zealand Student Visa Fees

The New Zealand Visa Fees are different for different nationals. The tuition fees for the student visa in New Zealand is 295 NZD + 15 NZD for the application, the total fees for the visa process thus would be 310 NZD.

New Zealand Student Visa Interview Questions

The interview is a final process one has to go through before the visa application process ends. There is a certain set of questions interviewer will ask the candidate. Here are some of the questions one is likely to be asked:

What is your previous education?

Why New Zealand?

Have you visited NZ before?

Why have you chosen this particular University?

Where you will be staying in New Zealand?

Are you planning to work?

Who will cover for the funds?

The interviewers, along with the question will also assess the proficiency of the candidate to converse in English.

New Zealand Student Visa IELTS Requirements

There are certain requirements for the IELTS for a student visa in New Zealand. Where the requirements for the Diploma courses are around 5.5 bands, while for full-time bachelors and masters in New Zealand, the requirements can be 6.0 to 6.5 bands with individual bands requirements. The Universities in New Zealand have their own criteria however, so they would be the best source of information on requirements. The other widely accepted test in New Zealand is PTE.

Besides these, an international student, after filling up the visa form, will need to produce a character certificate that will prove that he/she has no criminal records in his/her country. Additionally, proof of proficiency in English will also be required. For this, a student may produce his/her TOEFL or IELTS scores. A student, if employed in his home country, will need to provide his/her employment history. The New Zealand visa cost for Indian students is NZD 298.

New Zealand student Visa Processing Time

The Visa Processing Time for the New Zealand student Visa is twenty working days. Where the skilled immigrant visa takes less than 3 weeks, the student visa takes a little longer. While applying for the student visa, one should always keep in mind the processing time.

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