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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding which school to apply in the USA completely depends on your budget and your intended specialization you want to pursue. Do proper research and then apply to the universities which suit your requirements and convenience as it would majorly impact your career. You also will be in need of some standardized score and a particular GPA requirement. So apply to those schools in which you can meet the requirements so that you can get your acceptance letter without any complications.

There are a few steps involved to get admission to a USA university. Do research on the requirements of the chosen university. Collect all the documents such as transcripts, LOR, SOP, standardized test scores etc. You can find the information from the university websites. Then apply and pay the application fee as required. Then wait for the acceptance letter from the university.you can get full information here: How to Apply to Universities in USA?

As soon as you decide to study abroad in the USA start preparation as you will require much time before application. USA universities have some conditions to be fulfilled, check them out and start giving your required exams, collect all the documents required etc. Then after proper research apply to the universities in USA. There are 3 intakes offered in the universities of the USA. They are Fall intake(From September to December), Spring intake(From January to May) and Summer intake(starts around May). Before the deadlines arrive, start applying. You can get more information here: Intakes in USA

One can apply to study in USA after they have completed their 10th and looking forward to study in USA. However, the students are advised to study in USA after 12th, or once they have completed their bachelors, as the Education system and class requirements for the eleventh and twelfth standard in USA might be very different than the student’s home country and it may prove to be difficult for the students to complete the schooling in USA.

For the detailed breakdown of the cost of studying in USA, you can visit our page on the fees and affordability for the USA. For Indian students, the cost of studying USA can be anywhere around $42500 to $70800, depending on the course, universities and the location one decides to choose. Keep in mind that the medical and management (MBA) courses are much higher compared to other courses. 

Management of Information Systems is one of the best courses to study in USA for international students. Due to the presence of Silicon Valley, Universities in California are some of the popular places to study Computer Science and Information Technology courses like MIS. The best institute to study MIS in USA is University of California - Berkeley. Other than that, there are a number of colleges and universities that offer MIS in USA for international students like Santa Clara University, University of San Francisco, Loyola Marymount University and California Lutheran University.

For the Masters, the requirements are very course specific for the USA. You can read more about that here: Masters in USA. Apart from a bachelor’s degree in a related field, some of the degrees also ask for a significant work-experience as far as the Masters degree is concerned.

There are many ways to fund your study abroad. Student Loans to Study Abroad is what most of the students attempt. With a popular education destination like USA, there is a large number of scholarships available, too. Apart from the student loans, the study abroad scholarships are the best way to fund your expenses abroad. As we have mentioned before, some of them not only help you with the tuition fees, but also help you with the living expenses abroad.

The USA is home to many of the top universities in the world. In fact, the top 3 universities of the world Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and Harvard University are in the USA according to the QS world university ranking 2020.

USA universities require an English language proficiency test before enrolling the international student to ensure that they can read, write, and speak the language fluently. As the classes in the institution of the USA are conducted in the English language. You can take exams like TOEFL or IELTS to prove your proficiency and ability in the English language to understand the teachings of the USA institutions.


Unfortunately, the answer is no. Unlike Germany, where there are no tuition fees at public universities even for international students, the USA is different. Students can, however, apply for the fully-funded scholarships offered by some of the universities in USA, which can make their study in USA effectively free. Apart from tuition fees, they also cover living expenses for international students.

Jeduka has prepared the full list of Universities in the USA to choose for the students and pick what suits them the best. We have a database of more than 790 colleges and universities in USA to provide the most accurate and up to date information. You can access the whole list here: Universities in USA.

We have already mentioned the universities and colleges’ requirements for the USA above. The general requirements include the certificates, degrees and transcripts of the previous education, valid passport, test requirements, English language proficiency proof and so on. The best way to be aware of the exact requirements is to check out the specific requirements for the course you want to attend.

As the name suggests, EducationUSA is the network of advising centers all over the world. The network spans 170 countries around the world with around 400 advising centers. In India, students can find seven advising centers of EducationUSA: Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi.  

The real question is, why not? There are a number of options available for the students who are willing to study in USA after 12th for the undergraduate studies. There are courses for everyone whether the background is Arts, Commerce or Science. A number of international students come to USA to study after 12th in the undergraduate courses.

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