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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

You can find courses in each study field at Dutch universities. You can choose from various Engineering degrees, Computer Science degrees, Business-related degrees, Natural Sciences degrees, and Social Science degrees. For more information here: Best things to study in Netherlands

Yes, there are many scholarships available in Netherlands for International students. Netherlands Fellowship Program, Holland Scholarship Program, Erasmus Mundus, Leiden University Program, Radboud University Program, The Hague World Citizen Program, VU Fellowship Program, Twente University Scholarships, Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships, Erik Bleumink Scholarships, Utrecht Excellence Scholarships are some of the scholarships open for international students. Read more: Scholarships in Netherlands

The visa processing time is around 1 to 3 months. So it is advisable that you get your Netherlands student visa form at least six months in advance. Apply for the visa as soon as you obtain your Offer letter. Check this out: Student visa for Netherlands

There are mainly two Intakes in the Netherlands, September intake and February Intake. The September intake is the primary intake in the Netherlands. All the Universities offer all their study programs for the September intake in Netherlands. February intake is the secondary intake. Students who have missed the chance in September intake can apply for Winter intake and enroll themselves without wasting a whole year.

If you are on a student residence permit in Netherlands, you are allowed to work. However, your working hours are restricted to 16 hours per week throughout the year, or full-time in the summer months (June to August).

To apply for the Dutch Long Stay Visa (MVV)  or  Residence Permit, you will have to pay a fee of 317 EUR. Depending on your situation, Dutch immigration authorities will allow you to pay this fee online, on location at a visa application center, or through a bank transfer.

The top universities in Netherlands according to the QS world university Rankings are the University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University, Delft University of Technology, University of Twente, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Groningen, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Radboud University, Leiden University, and Utrecht University.

There is a wide range of choices for universities in Netherlands for MBA. The few top MBA universities in Netherlands are Tilburg University, University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Nyenrode Business University, International Business School, Maastricht University, Webster University, Hague University of Applied Sciences, and Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Applying to a University in Netherlands is not a process at all.  There are some general requirements of the documents for the application procedure. With the right documents, the application process is typically seamless. You will commonly require a Valid Passport, Birth Certificate, Passport Size Photographs, Letters of Recommendation, Certificates, Diplomas and Degree of Previous Education, SOP, CV, and Proof of Monetary Funds.

You will require a Completed visa application form, a valid passport, Confirmation of Admission, Financial proof, health insurance for the first three months of their stay in the Netherlands, and Academic transcripts. You may also require an Accommodation letter, a Blocked Air ticket, Proof of payment for all required legal fees, Two photographs, and a Birth certificate.

For obtaining a student visa, you need to show financial proof. This must prove that you have sufficient financial means to cover both your tuition fee and living expenses. The tuition fee differs from the study program you chose. The amount should be for a full academic year of your program. The minimum amount required for your living expenses in Netherlands is 925 EUR per month. You need to show the full amount for the number of months you will be enrolled.

The tuition fee at Universities in Netherlands varies from university to university and, especially in the case of graduate programs, from degree to degree. The cost of study in Netherlands is approximately €800-1,100 a month for a student but can vary depending on the lifestyle. You will get complete details here: Cost of studying in Netherlands

The Dutch higher education system has a global reputation for high quality. Reasons for choosing the Netherlands for higher studies are Renowned Technical Programs and Research, Truly International Study Environment, Netherlands Scholarships and Grants, etc. With over 2,100 English-taught international programs it is no surprise that Netherlands is a perfect destination for higher studies.

The most chosen courses at the universities in Netherlands are Econometrics and Data Science, Animation, Big Data Engineering, Water Science Engineering, Medical Physiology, Health Sciences, Economics, Law, MBA, and Industrial and Applied Mathematics. You can check this out: Top courses to study in Netherlands

With quality education in the top universities of the world and lucrative after study opportunities, studying in Netherlands for Indian students is an unmissable opportunity in several ways. After checking the eligibility criteria, you can apply to the universities in Netherlands with the required documents. You will require academic transcripts, SOP, LOR, language test scores, certificates, etc. For more information, check this: Study in Netherlands for Indian Students

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