If you are looking forward to studying at universities abroad, here is a quick guide on how to apply to Study Abroad at the universities you are aiming to study at. Applying online to a University is neither the end nor the beginning of the application process to study abroad. These are the steps you should follow, to apply to Universities Abroad.

Tips to Apply and Being Accepted in Universities to Study abroad 2019 - 2020

1. Applying To Universities Abroad

Always expand your horizons. When you are applying to universities abroad, keep your options open. Apply to at least two or three Universities. Even if you have a specific university in your mind, it is always beneficial to apply to multiple universities abroad.

2. Research is a Necessity

Before you apply to a University, you need to thoroughly research the admission criteria and eligibility for admission. For different Universities abroad, and courses, the admission requirements will be different. You need to be informed about all the details, and you can even contact Universities if you are in doubt about anything.

3. When and Where of Applying to Universities Abroad

The application process is usually done online. You need to be aware of the intakes in the Universities you are willing to apply to. The process and preparation of Admission starts usually a year before the application. For Example, for the September intake in Canada, the application deadlines are different, but the preparations from the student’s side will start 12-13 months before. See if the courses you are looking for are available at the university or not, if they are available in your preferred intake, and what are the deadlines for the same course.

4. Keeping Track of the Application

When you are applying to multiple Universities abroad, it is important to keep track of all the Universities, the steps to follow, the requirement of different Universities, their names, and documents to send, and manage the correspondence you have with them. Set Universities that you have applied to in the order of preference to have a clear idea.

5. SOP and Other Documents

Many universities abroad require you to write an application essay / Statement of Purpose (SOP). There are many examples available online for both application essays and SOPs. However, Universities abroad will always look for well-crafted, original statements of Purpose. Your application should stand out, and it should be unique.

You also require other various documents like your transcripts, English Language Proficiency proofs, and recommendation letters if needed. Sometimes they are required to be translated into the language of the medium at Universities abroad.

How to Apply at Universities Abroad in different Countries:

How to Apply to Study Abroad in Europe:

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How to Apply to Study Abroad in Canada:

Canada has a straightforward process for applying to Universities. You have to apply at the Universities online, with your transcripts and English language proficiency proofs. Once you get an acceptance letter, the visa process starts. If you want to apply through the SDS process for Canada, there are some specific requirements.

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How to Apply to Study Abroad in USA:

US Universities have somehow the same procedure as Canada; however, while Canadian Universities only take academic grades into consideration, US Universities also take extracurriculars (especially sports) into the account. The Work-Study, and stay back options will also change for the USA.

Here is all you need to know: How to Apply for Study in USA?

How to Apply to Study Abroad in Australia:

One of the top three English-speaking destinations to study abroad, Australian Universities are known for their quality education and sophisticated programs. If you are looking forward to studying at Universities Abroad, Australia is a serious contender to consider.

Here is how you can apply: Application Process for UG and PG Courses in Australia

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